Hispanic Marketing Book

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Published June 2017

Hispanic Marketing: The Power of the New Latino Consumer is about using cultural insights to connect with Latino consumers. It’s about marketing strategies that tap into the passion of Hispanic consumers so that marketers and service providers can establish the deep connections they need for a successful campaign. This book provides an understanding of the Latino consumer that goes beyond simplistic recipes.

The 2017 edition incorporates deep changes in the US Latino marketplace as technology savvy Hispanics are leading in digital adoption.  This is reflected in the many new case studies.  Corporations continue to realize that they must incorporate Hispanic cultural values into their products, services, and communications.

This edition reflects and responds to the profound changes the Latino market has experienced since the first edition. It considers the way in which changes in cultural identity, immigration, economics, politics, technology and market synergies need to be addressed in a new relationship with Hispanic consumers.

Twenty-seven new industry case studies illustrate the chapters. These case studies show how brands from diverse categories have developed a cultural understanding of their Latino target and created campaigns that established strong bonds.

  • Shows marketers how to better connect with the Hispanic consumer, over a $1 Trillion dollar US market

  • Fully updated to include currently available population data ensuring all references are up to date to aid today’s marketer to target this lucrative segment

  • Brand new coverage of hispanics online, 2nd and 3rd generation hispanics and how social media such as Facebook affect this market segment aids marketers in planning most effectively

Prior Editorial Reviews

Felipe and Betty Ann have evolved their earlier work on Hispanic Marketing into a new and even stronger work that pushes the reader to become more strategic and thoughtful when developing marketing platforms for Latinos. The conceptual framework of Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer is a thoughtful approach around creating marketing actions that are based on a deep understanding of Latino culture. The reader is provided the tools to be able to better interpret the cultural nuances of being Hispanic and how to make more informed and empathic marketing decisions.

J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr., President Coca-Cola North America

Once again, the Korzennys leverage their extensive years of experience, research, and knowledge in Hispanic marketing to share new and valuable insights into the evolution of this dynamic marketplace.

Frank P. Ros, AVP, Latin American Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company

Drs Korzenny has produced another masterful work that takes us on a historic Hispanic cultural journey that allows us to understand the heterogeneity of Hispanics while applying this information to contemporary marketing strategies.

Richard Carmona, MD,MPH,FACS, 17th Surgeon General of the United States

“If you’re a marketer looking to better understand the lucrative Hispanic segment, then this book is for you. Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny take you on a journey inside the mind of the Latino consumer and provide you with the perspective and facts you need to design more effective and efficient Hispanic marketing strategies.”

Gian Fulgoni – Chairman, comScore

“Even after 28+ years of conducting multicultural marketing research, reading this book was an eye-opener. It delves into nuances that anyone working in, or contemplating a career in, any type of marketing should read. The old assumptions have changed! This book brings together the proper questions a marketer should ask along with how to interpret the answers BEFORE potentially catastrophic mistakes are made.”

Michael Halberstram, Interviewing Service of America

“This book should be on the desk of every marketer responsible for effectively understanding and targeting Hispanic consumers in the US. It’s an invaluable primer for those who are new to the market and need to understand the cultural history and dimensions of this population. Those who are well entrenched in this market will find the case studies, practical advice and overall frameworks well suited for further building their business case and exploring new ways to position their campaigns and products.”

Tamara Barber, Multicultural Marketing Expert