Dr. Felipe Korzenny’s Bio

Dr. Felipe Korzenny, after contributing one more stage of his career to academia, has returned to private practice in Hispanic/Latino qualitative market research and consulting. With over 30 years of experience conducting research with US Hispanics and diverse populations he brings expertise in multiple product and service categories. Most importantly he understands Hispanic culture and how to obtain the best marketing insights to enhance the position of brands among Latinos.

He joined Florida State University in the Fall of 2003.  Until then he was Principal and Co-Founder of Cheskin.   At Florida State University he founded and directed the first Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication in the United States.  This Center prepares students to serve the Hispanic marketing industry, conducts research projects, and produces publications to further the understanding of Hispanic consumer behavior: http://hmc.comm.fsu.edu.

Before merging his company with Cheskin in 1999 he was President and CEO of Hispanic & Asian Marketing Communication Research, the company he founded in 1984 to assist Fortune 500 companies in understanding and communicating effectively with the Hispanic and Asian markets in the US and abroad.  While at FSU he continued to conduct research and consults with major US corporations on how to best establish consumer relationships with US Hispanics. He is particularly well known in the industry for the consumer experience insights he has helped generate to position successful products in the US Hispanic market. He has established research traditions and trained many researchers in ethnographic, qualitative, and most quantitative methodologies.  A social scientist by training, Dr. Korzenny has a critical academic perspective combined with a strong business practice.

The experience of Dr. Korzenny includes:  Food and beverages, finance/banking/credit/insurance, telecommunications, digital technology, entertainment, media, social services, health, education, automotive, and real estate.  His contributions have ranged from product development, to the elicitation of insights for positioning, to the development of marketing strategy.

Dr. Korzenny holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Communication Research, where he was also a faculty member, and later was a member of the faculty of San Francisco State University.   He has published six books and almost a hundred research publications dealing with communication and culture. His latest book, written with Dr. Sindy Chapa and Dr. Betty Ann Korzenny, is entitled Hispanic Marketing: The Power of the New Latino Consumer. It was published by Routledge in June 2017.

He is an Outstanding and also a Distinguished Alumni of Michigan State University.  He is the first recipient of the Hill Library HispanSource 2005 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hispanic Marketing Research.  Dr. Korzenny is a prominent speaker at nationwide symposiums and conferences on Hispanic markets.  His full vita can be found BY CLICKING HERE. His blog is at: http://felipekorzenny.blogspot.com